Will Elon Musk Save Twitter?

Will Elon Musk Save Twitter?

Everyone by now has heard about Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, is on the verge of buying Twitter. Of course, this has caused some controversy and like most subjects these days has split everyone right down the middle.

Elon Musk Owning Twitter Means A Beacon Of Free Speech?

Musk originally just bought a 9.1% stake in Twitter, but then a week later announced an offer of $43 billion to buy the whole company. In recent interviews, Musk has stated that if he is to acquire the company, he would like to make it private and try to keep the board members in place. This has started a firestorm of reactions naturally. The Twitter board would try to enact a poison pill. This is a limited duration shareholder rights plan, where they would make shares lower so current shareholders can buy more at a lower price. This would dilute the hostiles party take over.

The Lefts Opinion

This topic has split the party lines right down the middle. Many on the Left believe that if Elon Musk does buy the company, it will become a safe haven for hate speech. With no policing of the content posted on the site, they feel it will really hurt many people. Also, many big tech companies do not like the fact that Twitter will not be able to push their narrative anymore. Which, usually aligns with Democrats.

The Rights Opinion

People who tend to lean Right or more conservative are all for the takeover. In addition, many believe that once Musk takes over Twitter, there will finally be free speech allowed on social media. Also, many feel that big tech and large social media companies censor a lot of free speech, which Musk would not do.  SO the question is, what do you think? Will Elon Musk usher in a platform of free speech for all or will he open up a platform that will encourage hate speech?