What’s New on Frank Speech?

What's new on FrankSpeech

With the New Year on the horizon, it is time to see what’s new on Frank Speech! 2021 has been…interesting. To say the least. At worse, it was a garbage fire. There were attacks on Freedom of Speech, crime rising, and supply shortages across the nation. However, there have been many good things to come out of this year. People are starting to wake up to see the chaos that democratic policies have been. The justice system has not completely gone corrupt. New social media alternatives are becoming more popular. And finally, the debut of the new song, Let’s Go, Brandon!

Most importantly, Frank Speech has been live and making new additions to make the quality of life better for Frank Speakers. So, what are these new additions?

What’s New on Frank Speech: Comments

If you haven’t noticed, many news or political articles seem to have the comments disabled. While there are many people who aren’t civil in these areas, the comment section provides an area where people can share their thoughts. There is something enjoyable and nice about reading an article (like it or hate it) and scrolling down to see what others think. An article or video without this section feels like they don’t want feedback from their viewers. In addition, it ruins the idea of the exchange of ideas.

For a while, Frank Speech did not have a comment section. However, not anymore. There is a comment section on all videos and articles on the platform. Is there trolling? Yes. But that is the nature of the internet. Despite this, Frank Speech has gotten some amazing interactions and conversations from viewers and visitors. So, don’t be shy and share your thoughts on Franks Speech today.

Roku Channel

Not long ago, people were reliant on cable TV to get their content. However, this seems to become obsolete in this new era of technology. Smart TVs like Roku allow for their users to looking channels and add them to their TV. You can get access to common cable networks and streaming services at a click of your remote. Convenience at its finest. And Frank Speech has just joined the Roku Channel family! Now you can have Frank Speech videos on your smart TV instead of on your laptop. Put popular shows like Diamond and Silk, Lindell TV, and Bannon Howse Live are right on your TV. Just download the channel today!

Navigation Improvements

When it comes to internet platforms, navigation is everything. Being able to find content around a certain topic or finding something specific is important. After all, it is very frustrating when you want to look up an article about the origins of COVID but get anything but that. As a result, Frank Speech has dedicated time to improving our navigation systems. Not only is the search bar more efficient but the channel layout has been updated. Navigating your favorite channels should be easier than ever!

However, the biggest change is the URL. Before the Frank Speech URL was home.frankspeech.com. While it was good for a time, something was not right with it. That has all changed. Now your beloved free speech platform has a URL it deserves. Frankspeech.com.

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