What is Truth Social?

What is Truth Social?

What is Truth Social? Since the announcement of Donald Trump’s new social media platform, people have been full of questions. As of February 21, Truth Social has launched. As a result, people are talking about this new platform. However, what is the reaction to this new social media platform? Furthermore, what does the release of this platform mean for alternative social media networks?

What is Truth Social?

In October 2021, Trump’s spokesperson, Liz Harrington, had a press release about the development of a new social media network on Twitter. In the announcement, Trump’s intentions to make his own social media network “stand up against the tyranny of Big Tech.”

Over the past couple of years, there have been controversies surrounding social media companies and their policies. This includes platforming certain members of terrorist groups like the Taliban while censoring certain individuals for opposing political views. These facts were exacerbated during Donald Trump’s presidency, where many people went public about censorship policies and clear examples of bias. Furthermore, many social media networks decided to collaborate these claims by banning Donald Trump after he left office. As a result, the former president decided to create a social media platform to combat these policies.

This new social media platform, Truth Social, began development and registration under the Trump Media & Technology Group early last year. On February 21, Truth Social’s limited release was launched. So, what are people saying about Trump’s new platform?

Thoughts About Truth Social

As you can imagine, news coverage around this new social platform has been all over the place. Once the application went live, people were eager to comment on the product. Since its announcement, Truth Social has advertised as a ‘social media platform that encourages open, free, and honest global communication without discriminating against political ideology.’

On the day of its release, the Truth Social App reached was number 1 on Apple’s App Store’s top charts. As a result, many people found themselves on the waiting list to use the new app. Although the reception of the app was high, there is still a division around the platform itself. Most of this division is in regards to claims of censorship and the app’s use of section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (a policy that Trump was against during his presidency).

Support Conservative Social Media Networks

Truth Social is just one of many alternative social media platforms that are making their way to the market. Many new alternative social media apps are available to download. Gab, Parler, and Gettr are just the beginning. Just recently, Frank Speech also released its application on a variety of platforms. Supporting conservative social media networks is important to promote a better civil discourse and free the internet from censorship! That means downloading an alternative social media app today and starting watching your favorite conservative influencer on one of these social media platforms.

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