The Top Five Shows to View on Frank Speech

Once you visit you will notice that there are several videos that populate the home page of the site. While we’re sure that everyone would love to spend all of the time needed to watch each and every one of these videos, we also realize that this may not be possible. Our world is a very busy one. We have obligations that we all must live up to and therefore our time is limited. Therefore once you visit you must decide which of the videos you can afford to spend your time watching. We will present to you here some of the videos we feel are some of the most important to spend your time on. The videos mentioned here will not be in any particular order, but rather our selections and advisements to you.

Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk Shows

Part of the silent minority of conservative women in America, these ladies are unafraid to tackle any topic that concerns conservative Americans. They are not afraid to directly wage their verbal attacks on anyone that stands in the way of freedom in America. They offer up their advice on what we need to do to keep our country free for all as well as equal justice for all. Your time with Diamond and Silk will not be time wasted as they are very provocative with their thoughts.

Steve Bannon’s War Room

 Bannon's War Room

Controversial. Conservative. On point. Justice. These are just a few of the terms you will hear being used by people describing Steve Bannon. Here is a man that is not afraid to stand up for true and complete justice in America. Steve fights against laws being applied unequally and especially attempts to use parts of the law to attack conservatives. Watch as he lashes out against the liberal government and their attempts to silence conservatives. Watch as he shows how liberals ignore tactics used by them to ignore infractions of the law by their counterparts as they try to apply those same points of law against conservatives. Steve Bannon is not one to be silenced as he stands up for our rights and does what is necessary to preserve our freedoms of speech and so much more.

The Tamara Scott Shows

The Tamara Scott Shows

Join Tamara as she counts the many blessings in her life and helps to show all of us just how blessed we are to be living in America. She discusses our freedoms of speech along with numerous other issues that we face each day as religious conservatives in America. Tamara is also unafraid to discuss topics that affect each of us every day. One of the hot topics she covers is the Covid vaccine. She speaks of her feelings against any government mandates ordering Americans and employers to require vaccination in order to earn a living to support our families. If you feel that there needs to be a little more religion in our lives as we see America being torn apart by liberals, then please join Tamara Scott. Listen to her views as a conservative in America today.

Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse

Brannon hosts or helps to lead many of the shows appearing on Also, Brannon is unafraid to tackle any subject that may come up. He will bring to you a wide variety of individuals representing many different topics. Some of these topics may be highly controversial while others present a more common-sense approach to conservativism in America today. Brannon brings question and answer formats to you with a range of personalities. He brings experts to the table on various subjects with some being controversial while others are rather tame. The one very common core of all of the programming featuring Brannon is that every show with him is always engaging and often challenging. Join Brannon and see for yourself why there couldn’t be a better person handling so much of the programming on

Other Programs and Shows

Rather than trying to decide upon a direct reference to any of the other hosts on Frank Speech, we would rather have you decide which of the many different programs are the best or most appealing to you. Every show and every host on FrankSpeech has been added because they all represent all of us. Each host has their appeal to conservatives and each presents their own format of utilizing our First Amendment rights to Free Speech in America.

There are many different topics for you to discover which shows you might add to a list of the top five shows appearing on Frank Speech. Will it be; Former Miss Florida and Trump Supporter On The Political Prosecution That Sent Her to Jail And The Warning She Has For Americans. How about; Arizona’s 2020 Forensic Election Senate Audit and What you Haven’t Heard? Maybe your choice will be Mike Lindell’s Interview With President Trump? Whichever program(s) you choose, we’re sure that you will find each show to be on target with some of the shows being controversial. Some of the shows will enlighten you on some of the things going on in the world around us that you will not find on other news sites.

Go ahead and discover the shows that appeal to you. It may be just a few or you could find yourself watching several more shows than you originally intended to view. You may find yourself putting off some of the things that you originally planned to spend your time doing. Regardless of what content you choose, you can be sure that it will help to make you a much more aware conservative ready to take on the liberals and their agenda for us.


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