Most Popular Social Media Sites

Have you tried the most popular social media sites lately and tried to post anything that is conservative?

So how did that work out for you?

Are you just plain fed up with those social media platforms? Have you noticed how they are banning many individuals from using their sites because they want to tell everyone about what is happening in our country?

Just Click For Something New

Maybe it is time for you to forget about all of these other sites and take a click over to Here is a website that has been created out of pure frustration with the run-of-the-mill social media sites with their liberal agenda. This is a site made for you and for everyone else that thinks that America needs to be restored to all of its glory. Frank Speech was founded by Mike Lindell who is also known as the “My Pillow Guy.” Mike is a patriot who believes in our republic and everything that America stands for.

Mike used those other sites until he was tired of seeing things that he posted being taken down for no apparent reason. He got tired of asking what he had done wrong and every time he received the same answer of the content violating their policies. So what are their policies? It seems that their policies are those that support liberals and are fully against conservatives. When there are postings on their sites talking about anything they don’t want others to be aware of, then it is taken down.

Build And They Will Come

What can you do in situations like this? If you are someone like Mike Lindell then you build your own social media site that is dedicated to everyone with a conservative view. On Frank, you can help to uncover certain things being done in Washington or for that matter anywhere else.  This is the site where you can say the things you want to say or follow the things you wish you had said. This social media site is all about frank and free speech.  As a conservative, this social media platform is something you have wished for all along. You know that traditional media and other social media networks are trying to keep things hidden from you. Now you can click on and join the social media network that you can keep up to date on what is happening in our country.

Continue To Use Other Social Media Sites

Yes, you might continue to use the most popular social media sites to keep up with your family and friends. That is what these sites were originally intended to be used for. Then people began to post their political views. Everything was fine until some heavy-hitting conservatives began using these sites. The people who control these sites don’t agree with conservative ideals and began to shut those ideas down. They can’t do this here and that is just the way we like it.