Mike Lindell, Donald Trump and Social Media

Mike Lindell, Donald Trump and Social Media

MIke Lindell and Donald Trump offer conservative social media. Conservatives now have places where their voices can be heard for a change. Rather than trying to rely upon social media sites like Facebook or Twitter as a place where you might air your views, you now have space online where your conservative voice will not be blocked.

Conservatives Vs. Liberals on Social Media

As we all know, the primary social media sites are managed by people with a very liberal mindset. This means that once these sites decide they want to block the voice of those who do not go along with their ideals, they can easily do so. We are all aware of the times that President Trump was banned from using both Facebook and Twitter. Imagine that. The leader of the free world not being able to speak freely within the nation that he leads. The same nation that these huge companies operate within.

Why was he banned? Easy. He didn’t say the same things that these liberals say or what they wanted to hear. In a nation where our First Amendment to the Constitution allows free speech for all, they make the decision that this applies to those that agree with their way of thinking.

Yes, they were successful in keeping President Trump silenced for a while. But let’s remember that this is America and not everyone is liberal. Also, not everyone believes that our president should be silenced in this manner. 

Mike Lindell – Frank Free Speech

With all of this in mind, along came Mike Lindell. Mike is a self-described patriot. Mike is a firm believer in the freedom of speech in America. It does so happen that Mike is also a firm conservative. In addition, he is also a self-made rather wealthy individual. He has many connections and was able to put together a team of individuals that would create a new social media site where conservatives would not be banned for sharing their thoughts with everyone.

Thus came about the free speech site of FrankSpeech.com. Head over to Frank’s Speech and watch the interview or discussion between Mike and President Trump. Take a look at the site and see many more conservatives and see what they have to say. You will hear and learn things that are going on that most people are completely unaware of. Pay attention and you will understand why it is that the liberals don’t want conservative views heard. It scares them to know that they are being watched and that the American people are being led down a dark road with liberals at the helm.

Donald Trump  – Truth Social Launch

Did anyone really think that Donald Trump would be silenced? Does anyone think that a man so totally in love with his country would be held back from speaking things that our liberal, socialist-leaning leading politicians would very much prefer that the people not be aware of? If you did think that way then you really never paid attention when he was in office. Donald Trump doesn’t really care what the other politicians think or say. He doesn’t care that they would rather he curl up in a corner somewhere and not come out in the light of day again. Yes, Mr. Trump can be rather brash and maybe he hurt some feelings with his tweets. These are the traits that had him banned by the leading social media sites.

What happens when things like this happen with a man like Donald Trump? What else…you create your own social media site. This new site is aptly named TruthSocial. Unlike the other big social media sites that police your thoughts, TruthSocial has the following statement.

Truth Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.

This statement is far from the way that Mr.Trump was treated by those other sites.

The More Social Networks for Conservatives the Better

With both of these sites waiting for you and other conservative-thinking individuals, America still has a fighting chance to survive and to thrive as we know our great nation to be. While some may wonder immediately whether these two sites will try to compete against each other, the answer is no. These two conservative social media sites are set to complement each other. They are here to help keep everyone aware of the things that liberals are trying to do to tear down our great nation. We need both of these sites to become the place where you want to spend time online learning and sharing your thoughts with each other.

So now that Donald Trump has finally been able to place his space online with other patriots like Mike Lindell, take some time now to visit and to bookmark both of these sites. If you prefer to use your mobile device, then be sure to download the apps for both sites from the App Store or Google Play.

Free speech and the First Amendment are helped to be kept alive by two of America’s leading patriots.