Liberal Prosecutors, Judges and Media

Liberal Prosecutors, Judges and Media

What is going on in the large liberal-run cities across the nation? Why do you hear so often that another district attorney has decided not to charge a known felon or someone with a long list of prior charges against them with the harshest charges possible after they have once again committed yet another crime? Democrat policies are increasing crime at an alarming rate. Radical district attorneys working with liberal judges in many of these cases are setting bail so low that they are out on the street again just a few hours after being arrested.

Why do the voters continue to elect or re-elect these people that are supposed to help protect the average citizen?

Certainly, there must be someone other than these types of people that can and will do the job they are supposed to do.

Because Of Liberal Prosecutors Known Criminals Committing More Crimes

It seems like every day we hear of yet another criminal that commits yet another crime after they have been released on bail. All too often these people are known to be very violent people. All too often the reason they were picked up, to begin with was due to their violent nature. To make matters even worse is the fact when they commit these new crimes they have already been charged with jumping bail on some other charge.

We hear about these things and yet we really don’t hear about very many of these cases. The ones we do hear about are generally extreme cases. There are many more instances that never make it to any news reports. The cases that we are informed of by the liberal-run media often only get a brief mention and then they are off and running about some silly little thing such as Donald Trump just sent out another tweet.

Where Is The Rage?

Where is the rage about what we are possibly subjected to from the liberal prosecutors and the judges? The blame from the media is instead laid upon the police. The police are asked to perform a multitude of tasks every day. One of those jobs is to get the criminals off the street and into a jail cell only to be easily released.

Condemn The Police?

The liberal media is all too quick to immediately condemn the actions of a police officer for the slightest thing but they don’t bring to task prosecutors or judges. Why don’t they talk about how someone who is given a light sentence for a crime only to be released early. They commit another crime and once again they are given a light charge with easy bail when they should still be in prison for their first crimes.

Things continue to go like this in cities all across the nation that are governed by the left. The way to change the way crime patterns anywhere is to get tough on crime with conservatives who are not afraid to do what is right. If the voters don’t elect the right people the things will continue as they are.

Somewhere in all of this is the media and the role they play. If they want to skip over things like weak-backed politicians and what they lack doing to keep us safe, then we will be stuck with an ever-burgeoning crime rate

You Are Not Alone

If you are tired of all of this, then you need to know that you are not alone in your feelings. You need to know that there is a place where you can discuss things like this and so much more with like-minded people. Head over to Mike Lindell’s new social media site aptly named Frank Speech. This social media site is not like the other major sites where your thoughts and opinions are rather suppressed with liberal attitudes.

On Frank, you can watch current videos, read articles, listen to podcasts, and comment on all of them. This is one way to begin the necessary changes while of course, the most important way to make change is at the voting booth.