Let’s Agree To Disagree

Agree To Disagree

It used to be pretty common when two people with differing views on a subject would sit down and discuss a matter with respect. Respect was the key to helping to resolve an issue without name-calling or threatening talk. People used to agree to disagree with each other.

Political Posturing Vs. Problem Solving

So what has happened to this concept of problem-solving amongst our political leaders? Why can’t they simply agree to disagree? Why is there so much posturing from both sides? Instead of trying to honestly tackle and resolve problems they have begun acting like children in so many ways. They seem to just threaten or insult one another. Our leaders tend to pout when they don’t appear to be getting their way.

Many have also adopted a purr party stance on many issues. If their political party affiliation disagrees with something, then they all seem to go along with the party choice. It doesn’t look like any of our political leaders can stand up on their own and let their conscience guide them to vote for what is right. Both Democrat and Republican leaders will stand up and tell everyone that they have enough votes to make something go the way they want. They think that as long as each seated member of their party votes in a certain manner, then they can assure passage or defeat their way.

Posturing and Censoring on Social Media

What has happened to our society? Why not agree to disagree and then vote the way you truly feel after civilly discussing the issues.

Don’t you think that our leaders were voted into office with our confidence in mind? Shouldn’t our leaders be grown up enough to stop acting like they are trying to resolve something on the playground? Take a look at your children and see how at times they will seem to act more responsibly than politicians sometimes do. We pay these people very well and it’s time for them to act the right way to earn their high pay.

This political posturing has also made its way to social media. It seems that the major sites that so many of us use every day won’t allow their disagreements to be posted on their sites. When they disagree with the things you are saying, they will take down the post. If you post on subjects they disagree with too many times, you may be barred from using their site for a certain length of time. You could also find yourself being permanently banned.

When we speak of social media not agreeing to disagree, it seems to apply to conservative posts. Most liberal posts are left up for everyone to see regardless of the message. Differing conservative posts are taken down almost immediately. We think there may be some trigger that alerts staff members of these sites that you just posted something. Worse yet they are building this into their algorithms. Posts are reviewed in an instant or quickly as possible. If it is against their liberal viewpoints. down it goes.

Fair is Fair on Frank Speech

Luckily there is a new social media site for conservatives. Mike Lindel, the My Pillow Guy, has launched a new conservative social media site where you have the right to exercise your First Amendment rights. Frank and free discussions take place here. Agreeing to disagree is also practiced here. So what is this site? The social media site for conservatives is Frank Speech.

Try this new site now and see for yourself how things used to be. See how Frank Speech is necessary instead of posturing without letting anyone else speak freely. See how you can agree to disagree and let all of the facts out. You are then able to make the right decision going forward. We won’t talk you down or take you down. We want opinions so we can make the right choice.