Important Conservative News

Important Conservative News

There is a lot of important conservative news happening all around us every day. Where should you turn to get the news you need to know?

If you are conservative then you don’t want to hear all of the news that is presented from a liberal viewpoint. You don’t want the news to come with a dash of socialism as the liberal media would like to present it. Since most of the major news outlets are owned and operated by liberals you need to be careful of what you use as your news source.

Frank Speech For Important Conservative News

We would like to introduce you to as being a great source for your news as a conservative. At Frank Speech, influencers tell you about the news without all of the other stuff that some others would like to include. Other news sources might like to tell you about the great job being done by President Biden. Yep, great job in Afghanistan Joe. News videos at  Frank Speech we will tell you all about how Joe has completely failed America along with its allies.

They will show you how this administration has made America the laughing stock of the world right now. Influencers will also ask out loud if this wasn’t planned to help make America fall down sooner, rather than later. All the spin is to protect Joe Biden’s presidency.

This is something that you would never hear from a leftist news outlet. This is something that you will hear from Frank Speech. You will also hear about how Mike Lindell and his supporters are uncovering the facts surrounding the 2020 election. Each day there is more news coming out about how the election was rigged so that Biden would be elected. With Biden as the president, the left can advance their agenda to become a socialist society in America. You need to hear all of the news that affects how our future will unfold.

News and Our Society

What will our society become? How will our children and grandchildren grow up? Will they be able to experience a free America as we have been able to. Or, will they grow up in a society where there are basically no individual freedoms?

Many people might say to just let the 2020 election become a part of the past without any further investigation. As true conservatives who believe in America, we cannot let that occur. We must keep it in our minds. If it isn’t, then we’ll just keep letting it happen and it will all be lost as part of our daily news. 

We must find out if the Election was stolen from President Trump. If it was, then we need to immediately correct the problems. Conservatives must stop the policies that Joe Biden has put forth that are changing our society as we know it. We must not let the left advance any further with their plans to undo our republic and become Marxists.

We care about the news and how it affects each of us. Also, we care about how the things you may not hear about from the left-run media affect us both. 

If you are a concerned conservative that doesn’t like censored news, then you need to keep yourself informed by making Frank a primary source for all of the conservative news you need to know

Social Media and News At Frank

Frank, (  is intended to be more of a social media site where free speech prevailed in accordance with our First Amendment rights. However, that is still a few months down the line. The site now has evolved and we are finding that many conservatives turn to it as a source for conservative news. We are sure that once you visit Frank Speech, you too will make us a good source of news and information that parallel your conservative views.