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FrankSocial social media network

FrankSocial is coming! Since the beginning, Mike Lindell has had the ambition to create a social media platform that would allow people to speak their minds. That time is coming. Thanks to the creative teams at FrankSpeech and Lindell TV’s hard work,  the new social media platform is at the testing phase! So, let’s talk about FrankSocial and the exciting events around the corner.

What is FrankSocial?Mike Lindell's FrankSocial

FrankSocial is the sister platform to, the successful Broadcast TV and Multimedia website. This new alternative social media site is brought to you by Mike Lindell! With the help of their amazing team, creatives and programs are preparing for the new social media network. For a long time now, big tech mainstream social media platforms have shown biases against certain points of view. Mostly, conservative and republican points of view. It’s gone from bad to worse! Early on in the Trump presidency, censorship started taking hold and got more intense as the 2020 election approached. We won’t even go into how bad censorship is since Joe Biden was elected.

As a result, there are many people who feel like they cannot express themselves on big tech social media platforms. Yet, change is coming and soon! We can’t say exactly (Frankly we don’t know for sure), however, here is what we think you can expect from the new FrankSocial media platform.

Features on FrankSocial

Feature rich FrankSocial new social media networkFeatures an important aspect of many social networks. Everything from navigation, to the social stream, and recommendations can make or break a person’s experience. So, what type of features will this new Frank product have? Well, one of the main features that you can find on this new social platform is simple navigation. A list of major conservative influencers from and new contributors is easy to find and navigate.  Search, share, like, comment are clear and simple as well.

When it comes to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the screen can get cluttered with its formatting. FrankSocial is clean! It has sections that are specific for what you want to do and flip through the options with ease.  Expect a lot of heavy hitters as well! For a year they’ve been adding some great shows, events, and news-worthy influencers. So much so that they’ve added Lindell TV2 so you don’t miss a thing!

And here is the real kicker. Influencers and members on can seamlessly post to both platforms or keep their content separate!

An Alternative Social Media Platform for Free Speech

FrankSocial features major influencers from FrankFree speech is a fundamental right in America. A right that is constantly under attack. Although the internet is supposed to be free from censorship, people are still trying to restrict what people can say. FrankSocial is going to protect people’s first amendment rights by allowing all people of all demographics to post and socialize on this new platform.

Keep up with regular updates about the new social media and check out the amazing content on FrankSpeech!



  1. Finally its here! Thanks to all who helped. How about those 300 federal judges our real president appointed? Cant we get some support from any of them?

  2. I’m new on your platform and I’m tired of the banning if my free speech.
    I’m tired of the fake news.
    I’m a Trump supporter.

  3. I don’t see Frank social at the Apple App Store.

    Watching Mike today he said we can sign up.

    Will Frank social have interaction between friends too?

  4. God bless Mike Lindell. God is choosing you to be leading this fight to fix 2020 first and getting rid the cheat voting machines and get rid the drop off ballot box. I put sign Help Save our Country and Fix 2020 First all over and I go around asking people to support Mike Lindell to buy my pillow and support his legal fund. We need our country back to God and put Donald Trump back into the white house now. God please help us.

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