Does Mike Lindell have a new website?

Does Mike Lindell have a new website?

Perhaps you’ve heard that Mike Lindell has a new website. Maybe you’re thinking that you know that he already has a website because you have heard it advertised or possibly have even gone there to learn about My Pillow. Maybe you’re thinking that Mike Lindell really didn’t need another website since everyone is already familiar with his My Pillow website.

Mike has launched another website, but, this time it’s not to promote sales of My Pillow or the other associated products available from the My Pillow line. No. This new website that has been created and launched is not about My Pillow.

So now you’re thinking that maybe Mike Lindell has come up with a totally different product and needed to launch a new website for the new product line. Nope, that’s not it either.

The New Website

Okay. We’ll stop with the teasers. Mike Lindell has launched a new website and it is not about the products that he has invented and sells. This new website is all about frank and free speech on a social media platform. You see, Mike like so many other patriotic Americans is tired of what is happening in our country. He has seen and experienced firsthand the frustrations that are experienced by so many people with a conservative view when trying to use the main social media platforms available today.

He has experienced the threats of being banned from ever using their sites to the situation of having his posts removed from view because what was said was deemed to be against their policies and guidelines for posting.

The Cause For A New Mike Lindell Website

Mike wondered why he could see almost the same type of post being shown without any problem when it came from someone with a liberal view. Why were his posts being targeted? Why were his posts being scrutinized so much by the guardians of these huge sites? Were they trying to stifle the voice of those with a conservative perspective? Everything seemed to point that way.

Mike also noticed how they treated the posts of high-ranking people like President Trump. He noticed that the President could barely get anything to go through on these sites while people who opposed President Trump were allowed to post anything they wanted without any problem. Yes, something was going on, and Mike didn’t like it. Mike didn’t like that conservatives were being blocked every time they turned around. Yet the liberals didn’t seem to have any of these problems.

So what could be done to straighten out this situation? There was only one real solution that Mike Lindell could think of. That’s right..he could launch his own social media website where conservatives were free to express their views.

The Attack By Others

Well after a lot of time, money and effort was thrown into creating such a site, it was ready to be launched. What happened next should be unbelievable yet it happened. The launch of his new site was under attack. People were staging a denial of service attack that was pretty massive. Needless to say, the launch of this new site didn’t go as planned. This just made everyone on his team more determined to succeed. They fought back and soon those that wanted to get through to the new site could. Someone was afraid of this new site and the messages that it could spread.

Was this all they would do or did they have more dirty tricks up their sleeves? They did. They created a site very similar in name to and on this site where they hoped they could trick people into visiting they spread some rather ugly things about Mike Lindell and about the new site he had created.

An American Patriot

Mike Lindell is a patriotic American. In addition, he wants to see America remain great and to recoup all the losses we have faced to make America as great as we once were. We hope that as a conservative patriot you will take the time to visit this new social media website that has been created so your conservative voice can be heard. We hope that you visit us often to keep up with everything that is going on around us. Finally, do not lose the spirit and all that it takes to “Keep America Great”.