Conservative Social Media Sounds Like An Oxymoron

Conservative Social Media Sounds Like An Oxymoron

When you take a look at most large social media sites you might have a difficult time finding messages that are conservative regarding political of societal issues. It’s not that conservative thinking does not exist when considering these two issues.

What happens is that those in control of these large social media sites have liberal views. Also, since they control these sites with their wealth, their power, and their influence, they can control what is being allowed to be said. This means that those who would express a conservative view and attempt to post their views here are often not allowed to do so. The conservative message may be removed. In addition, almost as soon as it is posted or it may be edited right away to reflect a more liberal way of speaking.

Conservatives Barred From Large Social Media

If you are conservative you may have noticed these things happening. We have seen some conservatives with a large audience become barred from posting anything on these large social media sites. Sometimes these conservative voices are barred permanently while other times they are barred for a certain amount of time. This is like being grounded when you were young.

Your parents said that you would be prevented from going anywhere by doing certain things so that you could not do what they deemed as inappropriate. Your parents also thought that you would consider it to not be worth the risk versus the gains to continue to do those things that got you into trouble, to begin with.  It is also the reason that we have jails to help teach people to change their minds about how they want to do things in the future.

Imprisoned In America

In effect, these large social media sites are holding those with a conservative view as prisoners. Imagine being imprisoned in America, the land of free speech, for wishing to state your conservative views. We can almost see constitutional law being broken here. Since we are not legal experts, we will leave this thought for better-educated people in this area.

Your Conservative Social Media

When looking for conservative social media, you need to come to here where your conservative voice will not be crushed. Where your conservative voice will be welcomed. Where you will not be treated as though you are breaking the rules or laws by stating your conservative views.

Conservative social media does exist. We welcome you to express your conservative views without worry about being taken down. Also, toned down by the all too familiar liberal social media sites.