Conservative Social Media Alternatives to Facebook

In the last couple of years, conservative alternatives to Facebook and other social media sites have been appearing. And it makes sense. After all, censorship is common on social media platforms. In addition, the enforcement of these rules is varied. Furthermore, mainstream social media sites have their own ethics. Most of them do not adhere to first amendment rights. As a result, conservative-friendly alternatives are in need.

Why Do We Need Social Media Alternatives?

Since the beginning of the internet, the exchange of information has been a foundation. The internet was part of a counter-culture movement. A movement that valued the free exchange of ideas. It was a place for freedom of expression. However, as the internet became popular so did the efforts to restrict it. Since then, the relationship between social media and free speech has become strenuous. Social media companies are able to create their own terms of service, even though the internet is protected by the First Amendment. In addition, there have been arguments of bias towards specific points of view. As a result, people have been banned from these sites. These factors have to lead to conservative alternatives to Facebook.

Conservative Social Media Alternatives

So what social media alternatives have emerged in recent years? And what makes them a good alternative to mainstream social media sites? Although the mainstream media claims that these alternative sites are full of far-right extremists, these alternatives are focusing on free speech. If free speech is a far-right idea, then things went up in flames.


Parler is a microblogging alternative to Twitter. Unlike its counterpart, it has “free speech” at its foundation. Its creators believe that big tech purposefully censors certain opinions, especially conservatives. Their format is easy to use, making it an enjoyable experience. Mainstream sites have been slamming and labeling Parler as a place for extremists. However, Parler is a true haven for freedom of speech. Making it a great alternative.


In the same spirit as Parlor, Gab holds up the tenants of free speech. In fact, its mission statement goes along with the original concept of the internet. A free flow of information online. Something that we have been lacking. In addition to their focus on individual liberty, the website structure is easy to use.

Frank Speech

Frank Speech is a news network site full of podcasts, shows, and articles about a variety of topics. Most of the production on the website is done by independent influencers. You can search and find a voice you find interesting by just searching around. In addition, they are adding a social media platform to allow people to contribute their own voices.

Join Alternative Media Sites

The reason why Facebook, Twitter, and other mainstream sites have so much power is that there are no alternatives. The mainstream gets its power because are using it. However, if people start using alternatives then people can show these companies that they are not content with policies and actions. Instead of using their platform, begin signing up for other sites. After all, we listed three amazing sites above.


  1. I would like to find a Conservative social site that is set up like FB unlike those set up like Twitter.

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