Conservative Social Media Alternatives to Facebook

In the last couple of years, conservative alternatives to Facebook and other social media sites have been appearing. And it makes sense. After all, censorship is common on social media platforms. In addition, the enforcement of these rules is varied. Furthermore, mainstream social media sites have their own ethics. Most of them do not adhere […]

Free Speech Zones Are Unconstitutional

College campuses have gone through a dramatic change. Especially, when it comes to free speech on campus. There are many policies that are unconditional like security fees and restricting speakers. However, the establishment of free speech zones is bewildering. Confining free speech to one area is ridiculous. In fact, Free Speech Zones are unconstitutional.   […]

Dangers of Internet Sovereignty

“There’s no question that China has been trying to crack down on the internet. Good luck – that’s sort of like trying to nail Jello to the wall.” – Bill Clinton In 2000, the internet was already changing America. Despite already being an open society, the internet ended up leading America into a new generation […]

Suppression of First Amendment

The First Amendment bans the government from “abridging freedom of speech.’ Since the beginning, this rule has been a foundation. It has allowed people to fight against injustices. The Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Suffrage, and other protests can only survive because of the First Amendment. So the admission made by White House Press Secretary, Jen […]

Is The United States In a Free Speech Crisis?

Is the United States in a free speech crisis? This is something we hear a lot. This is something that we feel is occurring. Why does everyone feel that the United States is in a free speech crisis? We don’t think that everyone feels this way, but, many people with a conservative view feel there […]