The Top Five Shows to View on Frank Speech

Once you visit you will notice that there are several videos that populate the home page of the site. While we’re sure that everyone would love to spend all of the time needed to watch each and every one of these videos, we also realize that this may not be possible. Our world is a very […]

Trump’s Truth Social Network

Trump’s Truth Social Network is a hot topic. Although the mainstream is predicting the fall of this new network, a new competitor is here. Trump announced to the world that he would be creating his own social media platform on October 22. Truth Social is set to be released in early 2022. But what is […]

Social Media Networks Overreach

Last week, the United States got to hear from the Facebook whistleblower. The message: social media networks and their overreach. During the 60 Minute Interview, Facebook’s dirty laundry was shown to the world. While people are aware that social media is harmful, the power of these networks was put on display this week. Seems like […]

Where in the World?

Where in the world are the democratic nations? Because most democratic nations would not restrict their citizens’ access to information. I know what you are thinking. That can’t be true. But it is. Most of all, these efforts to restrict the internet are growing every day. As a result, democratic nations are becoming less about […]

The Political Compass: What is the Extreme Right and Left?

Have you taken the Political Compass test? While there are many political alignment tests, the compass is pretty comprehensive. Rather than setting factors on a spectrum, it uses a variety of factors to determine alignment. In the current political climate, people are regularly calling people part of the far-right or far-left. However, where do these […]