FBI Influencing Social Media

On the Joe Rogan Experience, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI is influencing social media networks like Facebook. While Zuckerberg gave the agency some grace, it brings into question social media censorship and First Amendment rights. After all, the FBI had some direct involvement in censoring the Hunter Biden Story on Facebook. Hunter Biden Laptop […]

Alex Berenson to Sue Whitehouse After Twitter Settlement

Alex Berenson’s lawsuit against Twitter has proven government interference with social media. According to Berenson’s settlement, Twitter had to give the reporter communication that shows the United States government used the social media giant to violate his First Amendment rights. Now the former New York Times Report is ready to sue the White House. Berenson’s […]

MyPillow Availability and Supporting Companies

When Mike Lindell CEO of MyPillow Inc., started his movement about the 2020 election and the questionable voting machines in use it ruffled some feathers.  Mr. Lindell has proven and provided data and facts about the use of these voting machines. Due to this, many left-leaning retail corporations have essentially tried to cancel MyPillow. Even […]

Frank Clips

In today’s busy world, time is hard to come by. That is why Frank Clips on the world’s best free speech platform FrankSpeech is available.  As you may know, FrankSpeech is home to some of the best conservative talk shows around. Shows like Brannon Howse Live, The Lindell Report, Diamond & Silk, America’s Mom, and […]

Technology’s Role in Social Credit Systems

Technology’s role in Social Credit Systems is uneasy, to say the least. After all, a Social Credit System focuses on invading personal lives and punishing them for personal choices. So, what is the role of Technology in this dangerous system? Furthermore, how is this role bleeding into the United States? What is a Social Credit […]