Banned Influencers

Banned Influencers

Leading Influencers Banned From Major Social Media Sites

Just how many top influencers with a conservative message to be shared with everyone interested have been banned from Twitter or Facebook? Although we don’t have a comprehensive list at this time, we know that these two leftist social media platforms have outright banned certain individuals from using their sites. A major case in point here is President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump was banned from using these platforms temporarily and then later banned permanently. Also, he now is launching his own social media site called Truth Social.

Many right-thinking influencers don’t have the influence that our president had when he used these social media sites to help spread his message. This doesn’t make you any less important in helping to keep our eyes focused on the things that need to be done. But, now that you are banned from using these platforms, where will you turn to keep your message going? 

Make Your Move to Frank Speech

It’s time for you to take a look at where the message of conservatives is welcomed. is a social media site formed by the “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell. Mike believes with all of his heart that it’s time for conservative American’s to stand up and have their messages be heard. In addition, conservative influencers are wholeheartedly welcome to join this site. Forget about places like Facebook. Forget about Twitter. Also, forget about the liberals that will block anyone at any time if they don’t agree with what you are saying.

Their interests lie in tearing down this great country filled with democracy to turn it into a socialist society. They want a place where the “elite” among them have all of the wealth and power. They want a land where most everyone is totally subservient to the upper class. In their new land, you will be watched at all times to make sure that you are staying in line, and in accordance with their programs for everyone.

No More Thought Police

With these things in mind, we all readily recognize that the thought police of the two giant social media operations are already trying their best to help form the new leftist society. As we speak you can look around to see things our current administration is working towards. How about voting that will basically ensure that the left will win every election moving forward. How about their policies of keeping our borders open for most anyone to simply walk into our country with no vetting whatsoever. Look around you. There are more things constantly on the horizon to eliminate the conservative base that formed this great country.

Conservative Influencers Banned No More!

At conservative influencers that may have been banned from other liberal social media sites need to make the move to continue their message. Some of the leading conservative influencers have joined in with and let their conservative messages ring loud and clear. 

What will you do as an influencer? Will you sit there in silence while you search for a place where you can continue to spread your message? Or, would you prefer to join in where there are live broadcasts or podcasts? A place where your conservative voice will still be shared with others just like you. 

Come on. What are you waiting for? Unless you think that there is still a chance for you after having been banned. Even if you haven’t been banned, offers another avenue for you to speak. So get on over and signup right now!