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In these days, it is harder and harder to find a unbiased media platform. At the Frank Social Media Network, we are here to help provide resources for the conservative view point. When it comes to social media, skewing either way with a agenda seems all too easy. We want to provide you with alternatives to broaden your options.

Social Media Resources

Everyone seems very divided today. In addition, tech companies have the ability to pull down your favorite sites without warning just because they do not agree politically. It is a shame that people can no longer have open discussions and immediately turn to shutting you down. Of course, there are some resources out there that you can visit that share a more conservative viewpoint. Sites such as:

Fox News has been the long standing conservative news network. Parlor is a open social media welcoming everyone to express their opinions. Also, Frank Speech is the newest up and coming site which has live feeds and videos about the latest conservative news. Finally, the National Review brings you all the latest conservative news happenings in the United States today!

If you are conservative you may have noticed these things happening. We have seen some conservatives with a large audience become barred from posting anything on these large social media sites. Sometimes these conservative voices are barred permanently while other times they are barred for a certain amount of time. This is like being grounded when you were young.

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